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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton


Five Good Things

I just realized Jared is posting again at Shizuka Blog, after a long layoff. That's a good thing.


Douglas Groothius is one of those bloggers who actually writes books! In fact, I just sent for his On Jesus, which I'm looking forward to reading. Anyway, in a recent post Douglas presents a reading list "for developing a Christian mind." The blog is Culture Watch, and the post is It's Never a Bad Time to Recommend a Few Books. I agree.


Bill of Out of the Bloo is very cool. Cool like jazz, you might say. But what may be cooler is Way Out of the Blue, which is the newish blog of Bill's son, AJ. Blogging dad, blogging son. Very cool.


A nice post on the subject of repentance at Boar's Head Tavern. I concur.


Finally, Ligon Duncan quotes from an African evangelist on the state of Christian teaching over there. I think we Western Christians often have an idyllic view of Christianity in the developing world. We assume their faith is more authentic, more powerful, because they're supposedly undistracted by the charms of advanced material culture. Duncan's correspondent puts the lie to all that. Wherever the true Gospel is preached, false gospels spring up everywhere, because a false gospel is the devil's primary weapon against your faith and mine.


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