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gratitude & hoopla

"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton


Christ and Creation

Eugene Petrson on Christ and creation:
The birth of Jesus provides the kerygmatic focus for receiving, entering into, and participating in creation, for living the creation and not just using it or taking it for granted. ... In the act of believing in creation, we accept and enter into and submit to what God does--what God made and makes. We are not spectators of creation but participants in it. We are particpants first of all by simply being born, but then we realize that our births all take place in the defining context of Jesus' birth. The Christian life is the practice of living in what God has done and is doing. We want to know the origins of things not to satisfy our curiosity about fossils and dinosaurs and the "big bang" but so that we can live out of our origins. We don't want our lives to be tacked onto something peripheral. We want to live origin-ally, not derivatively.
From Eugene Peterson Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places


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