gratitude & hoopla: Three

gratitude & hoopla

"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton



I don't really care about rock and roll, and I find rock n' rollers mostly a ludicrous set. I didn't watch the half-time show. And I don't own a U2 record. Not one. But I've got to admit, that was a very interesting talk Bono gave at the National Prayer breakfast.


Over at Reformation 21 you can read Sinclair Ferguson's Decalogue for Preachers (Part 1; Part 2). Now why should any but preachers or prospective preachers read this list, you may well ask? Logical question, I suppose. But some of these, at least, represent good advice for any Christian. Number six is, "Speak much of sin and grace." This is, yes, very good advice for any Christian. Ferguson explains:
Only by seeing our sin do we come to see the need for and wonder of grace. But exposing sin is not the same thing as unveiling and applying grace. We must be familiar with and exponents of its multifaceted power, and know how to apply it to a variety of spiritual conditions.
I have not acquired that skill, that insight, as much as I need to. Not yet. I don't always know how to apply grace in every situation, but Ferguson's message encourages me to make this my study. God, let me be a student of your grace.

Hat tip: Doggie's Breakfast.


Aron at Some Thoughts has been quoting Calvin lately. Get this:
For even though our eyes, in whatever direction they may turn, are compelled to gaze upon God's works, yet we see how changeable is our attention, and how swiftly are dissipated any godly thoughts that may touch us.
Hmmm. Yes, we see it. We see it every day.


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