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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton


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Through the invaluable Greg Burnett I found Jaeson Ma's blog. Jaeson recently featured an article by the always rewarding A. W. Tozer, called Formula for a Burning Heart. First on Tozer's list: "Get thoroughly dissatisfied with yourself." Yup, that's a start! The whole thing is worth meditating on. Never pass Tozer by skim him over.

Jaeson, btw, is very interested in campus revival. For example, something seems to be going on at Asbury College. Let's join our prayers to theirs, shall we?

Also found through Greg Burnett: an article, posted at Keith and Melody Green's Last Days Ministries website, entitled The Power of the Cross, by Noel Alexander.
Spiritual power and stability come from really knowing what Christ accomplished for us on the cross. That's where the tossing to and fro by every wind of doctrine is pushed away. The cross spells death to all things of lesser importance.

I've been a preacher for ten years and know the types of messages that get positive responses. I know for a fact that the teaching of the cross is not popular, even with Christians, because so much other stuff has been injected into the Body of Christ.

There are so many other messages and programs capturing our attention. But novelties will come and go. So will this or that emphasis. Christian leaders with their great visions will wax and wane. Yes, movements and men will rise and fall, but the cross will stand forever.
Amen to that. Read the whole article and get yourself centered on the cross again!


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