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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton


The End of the Spear

I saw The End of the Spear over the weekend and loved it. I thought it was a well-told story, one of the best "Christian" movies (so-called) I've ever seen. The two major criticisms that I've heard of this movie are that the gospel message was too muted (sort of lost in translation), and the other had to do with the personal life of one onf the actors. On the first issue, while I suppose there may be some merit to this argument, we have to remember that film is story-telling, not preaching. Preaching and/or didacticism are story-killers. By the way, when did Christians lose their admiration for the power of art?

The second major criticism is one I will not address in detail. I think it's incredibly foolish. The actor in question, Chad Allen, was excellent, ernest, believable. A film company is not a church, and the movie set is not the holy of holies. This was a powerful story of forgiveness. Catez at All Things to All has said all I would have liked to say with her post entitled The End of the Spear Controversy. Note also Randy Alcorn's Perspectives on the End of the Spear and the Chad Allen Controversy.


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