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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton


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Two indispensable bloggers: Milton at Transforming Sermons, Adrian at Adrian's UK Evangelical Blog. Indispensable. I'm inclined to check in on them nearly every day, because their work is always useful and pertinent.


The blogroll. It keeps growing. I tried to shorten it, pare it down to the essentials, but I keep running into bloggers who are saying things so well, I know I'll want to check back frequently. So the blogroll grows. And grows. Latest addition: Wittingshire. Read, scroll, and read some more. There's fine writing here, there's poetry, and there are beautiful pics.


Amy Loves Books
has a take on the Narnia movie that is, in my opinion, spot on. She struggled at first to put it into words, but I'm glad she finally did.


Rev-Ed at Attention Span has posted wisely on the question Is American Culture Compatible with Christianity? He finishes up with a crucial nugget: "We must be Christians first, citizens of our earthly country second. Equating all things American with Christianity is a fatal mistake that the Church cannot afford to make."


I read it somewhere, but can't remember where. "Only Christians can put the Christ back in Christmas." Man, I want to shout that from the housetops. It's just silly to fight a war for Christmas, as if this holiday were some sort of legal requirement of the faith! Silly. Foolish. Dare I say it, un-Christian. I mean, Christmas has become, by and large, a secular celebration. And what else should we expect, after all, from a fallen and "secular" world? In fact, this secular Christmas is celebrated joyfully by people the world over who are simply NOT Jesus-people. Given that, how can we insist they celebrate a Jesus holiday? To them, it's just fine as is. To them, we Christians just sound cranky, belligerent, and distinctly ungenerous when we get on our high "put-Christ-back-in-Christmas" horse. Give it up, silly Christians. WE DO NOT OWN THE CULTURE. Never have. Never will. If you want to put Christ back in Christmas, do it yourself. That's all.


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