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Inner Pharisee?

My son, Nate of Eight Strings, dropped off a brief and enigmatic post the other day. He wrote simply, "Do things Christians aren't supposed to do."

To which someone responded, quite naturally, "What do you mean by that?"

Nate's answer was, I think, quite interesting:
This is in no way dogmatic...just personal response to what I see Christians doing all the time- trying to achieve a standard of Christian living, thus restricting and codifying "Christian behavior" to a set of exclusive rules...The obedience to which, they believe, enamors them to God. The Biblical approach, as I see it, is that you are loved by God, therefore (by the Spirit)take hold of the freedom which Christ bought for you. This will often look like what the Church has labelled as non-Christian behavior. Of course I'm as guilty as anyone. As Brennan Manning says, each of us has an "inner Pharisee."
Yup. The boy gets it. He really does!

Update: Just discovered that FLYAWAYNET (who blogs at This Walk) has already interacted quite interestingly with Nate's suggestion with a post entitled WWCD? What would Christians do?


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