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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton


Thankful (2)

My sons. Two men of honor, no doubt about it. How have I deserved this, to be blessed with such sons! And both of them are leaving now. Heading out. Chasing the future down. It's time. . . .

In a few days Nate will be headed for Asheville, NC, following his dreams. Tim, to Montreal, following his. This is all good, but this is also hard. It's something to celebrate, and yet something also that makes me want to stop for just a moment, make time stand still for just a moment. Cry for just a moment.

Nate: your faith will get you through. We listened to an old song last night, Hard Times Come Again No More, but you and I both know it's not that way for us yet. There will be hard times again. Nevertheless, you go forth now in faith, trusting God. You will run this race in joy. May you always be able to tell the real from the counterfeit. May you go with God, continue with God, and arrive with God. You are an arrow from the quiver of the Lord.

Tim: you have a will to love. It's a hunger I see in you. It struggles for expression, and yet you will not let go. You have tasted of the better things, so you are willing to strive for them. You are blessed with perseverance, with vision, and, yes, with hunger. Know this: you will never be alone. God is with you, as I know you know. He will give you light in due season, and He will bring you through every trial. Love is your great strength. Never let go of that. Persist. You will love, and love will come to you. That's not simply my fond wish, it's my prophesy. Go with God.

I'm thankful for these boys. Supremely thankful. God has truly begun a good work in them, and I see that every day. They are wondrously made, and marvelous in my sight.


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